Jack in the Box, a swing band formed in 2006 by Tiziano Riva is composed by musicians of a very high jazz caliber.
Their own musical experiences, matured with other bands, bring to this new formation an array of styles that start at the very beginning of Jazz thru Dixieland and Swing.
The repertory of Jack in the Box extends from the traditional jazz tunes to the most favorite standards of all time.
The sound of this band is reminiscent of the Dixieland Bands of the 50′s and 60′s, in which the traditional themes are performed in a more evolved and modern fashion. (Dixieland Revival)
Amongst the bands that Jack in the Box might recall are the Eddie Condon’s, the Bobby Hacket’s, the Alex Welch’s and Louis Armstrong’s own latter period.
The atmosphere created by Jack in the Box is intense and involving due to the great expressiveness of the soloists and the happy musical choices, easy to the ear.

Blowin' in the Wind

# 1-4 / Registrazione: Studio 2 RSI, Lugano, 30.04.2007

Lalo Conversano: tromba, Alfredo Ferrario: clarinetto, Tiziano Riva: trombone, Paolo Alderighi: pianoforte, Marco Roverato: contrabbasso, Massimo Caracca: batteria

# 5-14 / Registrazione: Studio Aldo Mella, Santhià, 06.02.2011

Lalo Conversano: tromba, Alfredo Ferrario: clarinetto, Tiziano Riva: trombone, Sandro Di Pisa: chitarra, Valerio Dalla Fonte: contrabbasso, Massimo Caracca: batteria

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